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    • Northern analysis with a 3’-UTR gene-specific probe revealed that OsGLN2 is expressed exclusively in the paleae and lemmas during flowering, and no expression of OsGLN2 was detected in other tissues such as leaf blades, leaf sheaths, stems, nodes and roots in mature rice plants
    • The OsGLN2 gene is also expressed in germinating seeds, where its expression is predominant in endosperms rather than embryos
    • We report here the isolation and characterization of a new endo-1,3-beta-glucanase (1,3-beta-GLU) cDNA, OsGLN2, that is expressed both in flowers and in germinating seeds of rice (Oryza sativa L
    • This is the first report, to our knowledge, that OsGLN2 encodes a 1,3-beta-GLU and is expressed specifically in paleae and lemmas during flowering and in germinating seeds, where its expression is enhanced by GA and suppressed by ABA
    • Cloning, characterization and expression of OsGLN2, a rice endo-1,3-beta-glucanase gene regulated developmentally in flowers and hormonally in germinating seeds
    • In de-embryonated rice half-seeds, addition of gibberellin A3 (GA) greatly enhanced expression of the OsGLN2 gene, while the GA-induced gene expression was suppressed strongly by abscisic acid (ABA)
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