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    • Cell-based assays showed that OsPHT2;1 localized to the chloroplast envelope and functioned as a low-affinity Pi transporter
    • The ospht2;1 had reduced Pi accumulation, plant growth and photosynthetic rates
    • Furthermore, the ospht2;1 showed decreased grain yields at relatively high levels of UV-B irradiance
    • Mutation of the chloroplast-localized phosphate transporter OsPHT2;1 reduces flavonoids accumulation and UV tolerance in rice.
    • In summary, OsPHT2;1 functions as a chloroplast-localized low-affinity Pi transporter that mediates UV tolerance and rice yields in different latitudes
    • In this study, to gain insight into the role of OsPHT2;1-mediated stroma Pi, we analyzed OsPHT2;1 function in Pi utilization and photoprotection
    • Our results showed that OsPHT2;1 was induced by Pi starvation and light exposure
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