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    • Rice plants transformed with the OsHARP promoter-GUS construct showed GUS staining in the basal parts of leaf sheaths, and although GUS activity increased when treated with GA(3), it was not as high an increase as when mRNA was analyzed
    • To elucidate the role of OsHARP in leaf sheath elongation, antisense OsHARP transgenic rice lines were constructed
    • To examine whether OsHARP expression would affect other proteins, basal leaf sheaths from antisense OsHARP transgenic rice plants were analyzed using proteomic techniques
    • The mRNA expression level of OsHARP was up-regulated in rice seedlings treated with gibberellin (GA), but not ABA and showed a similar pattern as OsCRT mRNA
    • In antisense transgenic-rice OsHARP plants, OsCRT was down-regulated and the levels of 20 other proteins were changed compared to the pattern of the vector control
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