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    • The rice OsDG2 encoding a glycine-rich protein is involved in the regulation of chloroplast development during early seedling stage
    • KEY MESSAGE: OsDG2 gene encoded a novel chloroplast-targeted GRP in rice
    • Disruption of the OsDG2 would lead to delayed greening phenotype and affected expression levels of genes associated with chloroplast development at early leaf stage of rice
    • Subcellular localization results showed that OsDG2 was targeted in chloroplasts
    • In osdg2 mutant, the expression levels of most genes associated with chloroplast development were severely decreased in the 3rd leaves, but almost recovered to wild-type level in the 4th leaves
    • Our findings indicated that the nuclear-encoded OsDG2 plays important roles in chloroplast development at early leaf stage of rice
    • In this study, we identified a rice GRP gene mutant named osdg2 (O ryza s ativa d elayed g reening 2), which exhibits delayed greening phenotype characterized as bright yellow leaves before the three-leaf stage and thereafter turns to normal green
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