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    • OsJAZ11 regulates spikelet and seed development in rice.
    • We propose that OsJAZ11 participates in the regulation of seed size and spikelet development by coordinating the expression of JA-related, OsGW7 and MADS genes
    • Constitutive expression of OsJAZ11 dramatically influenced spikelet morphogenesis leading to extra glume-like structures, open hull, and abnormal numbers of floral organs
    • In the present study, we report novel role of a jasmonic acid (JA) signaling repressor, OsJAZ11 controlling rice seed width and weight
    • Transgenic rice lines overexpressing OsJAZ11 exhibited up to a 14% increase in seed width and ~30% increase in seed weight compared to wild type (WT)
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