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    • In this study, the rice chorismate mutase (OsCM) gene was overexpressed in a bacterial leaf blight-susceptible rice line to investigate the functional role of OsCM in response to bacterial leaf blight stress
    • Further analysis revealed that OsCM expression induced phenylalanine accumulation and suppressed tyrosine accumulation in response to bacterial leaf blight stress
    • Furthermore, bacterial leaf blight stress induced genes downstream of the phenylpropanoid pathway in conjunction with OsCM, suggesting that the phenylpropanoid pathway is dependent on OsCM gene expression
    • Overexpression of OsCM alleviates BLB stress via phytohormonal accumulation and transcriptional modulation of defense-related genes in Oryza sativa
    • We reported that overexpression of OsCM altered the downstream pathway of aromatic amino acids, mitigating pathogen stress by altering stress-responsive genes and hormonal accumulation
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