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    • Arabidopsis FDM1 is involved in RNA-directed DNA methylation and OsFDML1 regulates flower development
    • The expression of OsFDML1 overlaps with that of OsMADS6 in the palea primordia and the ovule, and OsMADS6 directly promotes OsFDML1 expression through binding to regions containing putative CArG motifs within the OsFDML1 promoter during rice spikelet development
    • Consistent with the phenotypes of osmads6 mutants, the osfdml1 mutants showed floral defects, including altered palea identity with lemma-like shape containing no marginal region of palea, increased numbers of stigmas and fused carpels, and meristem indeterminacy
    • Moreover, transgenic plants overexpressing OsFDML1 displayed floral defects, such as abnormal paleae
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