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    • The OsRRMh dsRNAi lines exhibited late-flowering and a larger panicle phenotype
    • Also, overexpression of OsRRMh in the Arabidopsis fpa mutant did not restore the normal flowering time, and it delayed flowering in Col plants
    • The gene has been found to be constitutively expressed in the root, stem, leaf, spikelet, and immature seed, and alternative splicing patterns were confirmed in different tissues, which may indicate diverse functions for OsRRMh
    • Therefore, we propose that OsRRMh may confer one of its functions in the vegetative-to-reproductive transition in rice (Oryza sativa L
    • OsRRMh, a Spen-like gene, plays an important role during the vegetative to reproductive transition in rice
    • When full-length OsRRMh and/or its SPOC domain were overexpressed, the fertility rate and number of spikelets per panicle were both markedly reduced
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