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    • Transgenic rice lines over-expressing (OX) OsALMT4 released malate from the roots constitutively and had two-fold higher malate concentrations in the xylem sap than nulls indicating greater concentrations of malate in the apoplast
    • We show that OsALMT4 is expressed in roots and shoots and the OsALMT4 protein localizes to the plasma membrane
    • Altered Expression of the Malate-Permeable Anion Channel OsALMT4 Reduces the Growth of Rice Under Low Radiance.
    • Growth of transgenic lines with either increased OsALMT4 expression or reduced expression was measured in different environments
    • Altering OsALMT4 expression compromises growth in low-light environments
    • Here, we show that OsALMT4 is expressed widely in roots, shoots, flowers, and grain but not guard cells
    • Malate efflux from the transgenic plants over-expressing OsALMT4 was inhibited by niflumate and salicylic acid
    • When day-time light was reduced from 700 to 300 mol m-2s-1 independent transgenic lines with either increased or decreased OsALMT4 expression accumulated less biomass compared to their null controls
    • Previous studies showed that OsALMT4 localizes to the plasma membrane and that expression in transgenic rice lines results in a constitutive release of malate from the roots
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