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    • Here we report a novel A20/AN1-type zinc finger protein ZFP185 involved in GA and ABA signaling in the regulation of growth and stress response
    • Our study suggests that ZFP185 regulates plant growth and stress responses by affecting GA and ABA biosynthesis in rice
    • Moreover, it was found that ZFP185, unlike previously known A20/AN1-type zinc finger genes, increases sensitivity to drought, cold, and salt stresses, implying the negative role of ZFP185 in stress tolerance
    • Besides GA, overexpression of ZFP185 decreased ABA content and expression of several ABA biosynthesis-related genes
    • The application of exogenous GA3 can fully rescue the semi-dwarfism phenotype of ZFP185 overexpressing plants, suggesting the negative role of ZFP185 in GA biosynthesis
    • ZFP185 was localized in the cytoplasm and lacked transcriptional activation potential
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