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    • Cross-talk between ABA and sugar signaling is mediated by the ACGT core and CE1 element reciprocally in OsTIP3;1 promoter.
    • Such a stimulatory increase in OsTIP3;1 expression under sugar-starvation is possibly not owing to changes in endogenous ABA content
    • The transient expression assay indicated that the 5’ flanking region of OsTIP3;1 delivered similar collaborative responsiveness to starvation and ABA, suggesting that this gene promoter could be a good molecular probe to examine the interaction between sugar and ABA signaling pathways
    • ABI4 expression was also enhanced by sugars and repressed by ABA, suggesting that reduced ABI4 binding to CE1 in the absence of sugar and presence of ABA could increase ABA-induction of the OsTIP3;1 promoter activity
    • Targeted mutagenesis demonstrated that disruption of ACGT cores decreased the induction of OsTIP3;1 promoter activity under either starvation or ABA, whereas mutation of coupling element 1 (CE1), which is an ABI4 binding site, reversely increased it, suggesting that those two distinct cis-regulatory elements reciprocally regulate the responsiveness of this promoter to both sugar and ABA
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