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    • Cytological and transcriptome analyses reveal OsPUB73 defect affects the gene expression associated with tapetum or pollen exine abnormality in rice.
    • In the present study, we knocked out OsPUB73 by using the CRISPR/Cas9 system and studied the cytological and transcriptome of the gene-defect associated with pollen development and sterility in the rice variety (Taichung 65)
    • The ospub73 displayed low pollen fertility (19
    • Cytological observation showed tapetum vacuolated at the meiosis stage and pollen exine was abnormal at the bi-cellular pollen stage of ospub73
    • These results suggested OsPUB73 may play an important role in tapetal or pollen exine development and resulted in pollen partial sterility
    • The expression pattern of OsPUB73 showed that it was highly expressed in the anther during meiosis stage
    • RNA-seq analysis detected 2240 down and 571 up-regulated genes in anther of ospub73 compared with WT during meiosis stage
    • Our results revealed that OsPUB73 plays an important role in rice male reproductive development, which provides valuable information about the molecular mechanisms of the U-box in rice male reproductive development
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