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    • Moreover, we show here that OsPBL1 transcripts are abundantly expressed in the leaves of Dongjin seedlings—an RSV-resistant—under normal growth conditions
    • The rice serine/threonine protein kinase OsPBL1 (ORYZA SATIVA ARABIDOPSIS PBS1 -LIKE 1) is potentially involved in resistance to rice stripe disease
    • In this study, we identified the serine/threonine protein kinase OsPBL1 ( O RYZA S ATIVA ARABIDOPSIS PB S1-L IKE 1), a potential resistance gene to rice stripe disease, by reverse genetic screening with T-DNA insertional mutant lines
    • We propose that OsPBL1 is involved in antiviral defense signaling pathways in rice
    • Exogenous treatment with defense-related phytohormones such as cytokinin and salicylic acid increased the expression of OsPBL1
    • The OsPBL1 protein was found to localize to the nucleus and to be cleaved upon attack with either healthy or infected SBPHs
    • Specifically, OsPBL1 exhibits 67 % amino acid sequence identity to AtPBS1 (AVRPPHB SUSCEPTIBLE1), a positive regulator of effector-triggered immunity (ETI) in Arabidopsis
    • Taken together, our data indicate that OsPBL1 undergoes various transcriptional and post-translational modifications upon SBPH and/or RSV attack, similar to Arabidopsis PBS1
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