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    • These results may suggest that OsRab6a plays an important role in the regulation of Fe acquisition in rice plants by modulating physiological processes involved in Fe acquisition and root system architecture in response to Fe-deficient medium
    • However, overexpression of OsRab6a conferred rice plants greater tolerance to Fe deficiency than RNAi and wild-type plants, as evidenced by higher seedling height, greater biomass, chlorophyll contents and Fe concentrations in shoots, roots and grains in the overexpression lines
    • OsRab6a shared conserved functional domains with other known members of Rab subfamily and localized ubiquitously in the cytoplasm and nuclear
    • Here, we report that the OsRab6a gene encoding a small GTPase is involved in the regulation of rice growth, seed yield and iron (Fe) accumulation in response to elevated [CO2] using wild-type and transgenic rice plants of OsRab6a-overexpressing and OsRab6a-RNAi
    • By analyzing data with the Dunnett’s multiple comparison test, our results suggest that OsRab6a is an important molecular regulator underlying rice adaptation to elevated [CO2] by regulating photosynthesis and Fe accumulation
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