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    • OsMADS27 regulates the root development in a NO3–Dependent manner and modulates the salt tolerance in rice (Oryza sativa L.).
    • Here we investigated the roles of OsMADS27 in the root development in response to NO3- availability
    • Constitutive expression of OsMADS27 significantly inhibited the elongation of primary root (PR), but enhanced lateral root (LR) formation in a NO3–dependent manner
    • ABA is reported to play an important role in mediating the effects of NO3- on the root development, thus it is supposed that OsMADS27 might regulate the root growth and development by ABA pathway
    • The root growth and development in OsMADS27 overexpression lines was shown to be more sensitive to exogenous ABA than wild type
    • Taken together, our findings suggested that OsMADS27 is an important regulator controlling the root system development and adaption to osmotic stress in rice
    • OsMADS27 is one of the ANR1-like homologues in rice, whreas its functions in plant growth and development as well as the abiotic stress responses remain unclear
    • More importantly, OsMADS27 overexpression could enhance the salt tolerance
    • Moreover, under NO3- conditions, higher levels of ABA accumulates in OsMADS27 overexpression plants
    • Furthermore, OsMADS27 overexpression promoted NO3- accumulation as well as the expression of NO3- transporter genes
    • In this study, we identified functions of a nitrate-responsive miR444:MADS-box transcription factor OsMADS27 module and its downstream targets mediating rice root growth and stress responses
    • Although miR444 has the potential to target multiple genes, we identified OsMADS27 as the major miR444 target that regulates the expression of nitrate transporters, as well as several key genes including expansins, and those associated with auxin signalling, to promote root growth
    • In agreement with this, overexpression of miRNA-resistant OsMADS27 improved root development and tolerance to abiotic stresses, while its silencing suppressed root growth
    • OsMADS27 mediated robust stress tolerance in plants through its ability to bind to the promoters of specific stress regulators, as observed in ChIP-seq analysis
    • Our results reveal the role of nitrate-responsive OsMADS27 and its downstream target genes in salt tolerance, providing a molecular mechanism for the enhancement of salt tolerance by nitrogen fertilizers in rice
    • OsMADS27 overexpression increased grain yield under salt stress in the presence of sufficient nitrate, suggesting that OsMADS27 is a promising candidate for the improvement of salt tolerance in rice
    • Nitrate-responsive OsMADS27 promotes salt tolerance in rice.
    • Here, we show that nitrate-dependent salt tolerance is mediated by OsMADS27 in rice
    • OsMADS27 knockout mutants are more sensitive to salt stress than the wild type, whereas OsMADS27 overexpression lines are more tolerant
    • Transcriptomic analyses revealed that OsMADS27 upregulates the expression of a number of known stress-responsive genes as well as those involved in ion homeostasis and antioxidation
    • The expression of OsMADS27 is specifically induced by nitrate
    • The salt-inducible expression of OsMADS27 is also nitrate dependent
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