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    • Cytokinin oxidase/dehydrogenase OsCKX11 coordinates source and sink relationship in rice by simultaneous regulation of leaf senescence and grain number
    • ) cytokinin oxidase/dehydrogenase OsCKX11 in delaying leaf senescence, increasing grain number, and coordinately regulating source and sink
    • OsCKX11 was predominantly expressed in the roots, leaves, and panicles and was strongly induced by abscisic acid and leaf senescence
    • Thus, OsCKX11 functions antagonistically between cytokinins and ABA in leaf senescence
    • Collectively, our findings reveal that OsCKX11 simultaneously regulates photosynthesis and grain number, which may provide new insights into leaf senescence and crop molecular breeding
    • Moreover, osckx11 presented with significantly increased branch, tiller, and grain number compared with the WT
    • In the osckx11 mutant, the ABA-biosynthesizing genes were down-regulated and the ABA-degrading genes were up-regulated, thereby reducing the ABA levels relative to the WT
    • Cytokinin levels were significantly increased in the flag leaves of osckx11 mutant compared to those of the wild type (WT)
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