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    • RT-PCR and analysis of promoter::GUS transgenic plants showed that OsGNOM1 is expressed in AR primordia, vascular tissues, LRs, root tips, leaves, anthers and lemma veins, with a distribution pattern similar to that of auxin
    • ) mutant crown rootless4 (crl4) that was found to have defective crown root formation
    • Besides reduced crown root number, the crl4 mutant showed auxin-related abnormal phenotypical character-istics such as reduced lateral root number and impaired root gravitropism
    • These results indicate that maintaining an appropriate auxin accumulation and gradient through CRL4 in the basal portion of shoots is essential for crown root formation in rice
    • CRL4 regulates crown root formation through auxin transport in rice
    • CRL4 encodes a protein highly homologous with Arabidopsis GNOM, which mediates auxin-dependent plant growth by coordinating the polar localization of auxin efflux carrier PIN1
    • In the crl4 mutant, auxin transport was impaired in shoots and roots
    • Adventitious root formation in rice requires OsGNOM1 and is mediated by the OsPINs family
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