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    • Cytological experiments revealed that the cell width of spikelet hull in osgprp3 lines was significantly reduced than that in WT
    • Taken together, our results reveal that OsGPRP3 regulates the grain size and shape of rice by influencing the cell width of spikelet hulls and the accumulation of storage protein and lipids
    • Glycine- and Proline-Rich Protein OsGPRP3 Regulates Grain Size and Quality in Rice
    • Knockout and knockdown of OsGPRP3 led to significant decrease of 1000-grain weight, grain width, and grain thickness
    • We found that OsGPRP3 was highly expressed in the seed at 10 days after pollination (DAP) using qRT-PCR, pOsGPRP3::GUS and in situ hybridization
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