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    • We also showed that the transcript levels of several nuclear- and plastid-encoded genes associated with chloroplast development and photosynthesis were significantly altered in pgl12 mutants
    • Our results indicate that PGL12 is a new PLS-type PPR protein required for proper chloroplast development and 16S rRNA processing in rice
    • The pgl12 mutant had significantly reduced chlorophyll contents and increased sensitivity to changes in temperature
    • In this study, we identified and characterized a rice mutant, pale-green leaf12 (pgl12); at the seedling stage, pgl12 mutants had yellow-green leaves, which gradually turned pale green as the plants grew
    • Map-based cloning of PGL12, including a transgenic complementation test, confirmed the presence of a base substitution (C to T), generating a stop codon, within LOC_Os12g10184 in the pgl12 mutant
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