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    • Expression of OsDRF1 was induced upon treatment with benzothiadiazole (BTH), a chemical inducer of defense responses in rice
    • Overexpression of OsDRF1 in transgenic tobacco resulted in enhanced disease resistance against tomato mosaic virus (ToMV) and Pseudomonas syringae pv
    • The results suggest that OsDRF1 plays a role in disease resistance via upregulating defense-related gene expression and that OsDRF1 may also be involved in the response to ABA
    • Overexpression of a rice defense-related F-box protein gene OsDRF1 in tobacco improves disease resistance through potentiation of defense gene expression
    • A rice defense-related F-box protein gene, OsDRF1, was cloned and identified during a course of study aimed at elucidating the molecular basis of induced immunity in rice
    • Moreover, in BTH-treated rice seedlings, expression of OsDRF1 was further induced by infection with Magnaporthe grisea, the rice blast fungus, compared with those in water-treated seedlings
    • OsDRF1 was also upregulated in rice seedlings after treatment with ABA
    • Root elongation of the OsDRF1-overexpressing transgenic seedlings was significantly inhibited by ABA, indicating that overexpression of OsDRF1 resulted in increased ABA sensitivity
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