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    • Here, we identified the PHD-finger domain-containing protein gene qCTB7 using QTL-seq and linkage analysis through systematic measurement of CTB differences and the spike fertility of the Longjing31 and Longdao3 cultivars, resulting in the derivation of 1570 F2 progeny under cold stress
    • When subjected to cold stress, the germination of qctb7 pollen on the stigma was reduced, resulting in lower spike fertility
    • LOC_Os07g07690 on qCTB7 is associated with cold tolerance at the booting stage in rice, and analysis of transgenic plants demonstrated that qCTB7 influenced cold tolerance by altering the morphology and cytoarchitecture of anthers and pollen
    • It was found that overexpression of qCTB7 promoted CTB and the same yield as Longdao3 under normal growing conditions while the phenotype of qctb7 knockout showed anther and pollen failure under cold stress
    • These findings indicate that qCTB7 regulates the appearance, morphology, and cytoarchitecture of the anthers and pollen
    • qCTB7 positively regulates cold tolerance at booting stage in rice.
    • Three SNPs in the promoter region and coding region of qCTB7 were identified as recognition signals for CTB in rice and could assist breeding efforts to improve cold tolerance for rice production in high latitudes
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