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    • Together, our results suggest that PSS1 defines a novel member of the kinesin-1 family essential for male meiotic chromosomal dynamics, male gametogenesis, and anther dehiscence in rice
    • In this report, we found the female gamete of W207-2 was normal, and its semi-sterility was unaffected by growth duration but was conditioned by a recessive nuclear gene whose action leads to pollen semi-sterility and anther indehiscence, and the gene was named as pss1 (pollen semi-sterile)
    • Fine mapping of pss1, a pollen semi-sterile gene in rice (Oryza sativa L.)
    • Here, we describe a rice pollen semi-sterility1 (pss1) mutant, which displays reduced spikelet fertility (~40%) primarily caused by reduced pollen viability (~50% viable), and defective anther dehiscence
    • Furthermore, PSS1 expression is significantly upregulated during anther development and peaks during male meiosis
    • Consistent with this, lagging chromosomes and chromosomal bridges were found at anaphase I and anaphase II of male meiosis in the pss1 mutant
    • PSS1 is broadly expressed in various organs, with highest expression in panicles
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