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    • Down-regulation of OsGRF1 gene in rice rhd1 mutant results in reduced heading date
    • RNA interference results revealed that transgenic lines with reduced OsGRF1 transcript displayed delayed growth and development, developed small leaves, and had delayed heading
    • Our results clearly demonstrate that the OsGRF1 gene is not only involved in regulating growth at the juvenile stage, but that it may also be involved in the regulation of heading in rice
    • A rice mutant with reduced heading date (designated rhd1) found in a transgenic line of cultivar Teqing 2 (Oryza sativa L
    • The OsGRF1 gene encodes a putative transcription factor, which contains two conserved regions: the QLQ (Gln, Leu, Gln) and WRC (Trp, Arg, Cys) domains
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