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    • A membrane-associated NAC transcription factor OsNTL3 is involved in thermotolerance in rice.
    • OsNTL3 encodes a NAC transcription factor with a predicted C-terminal transmembrane domain
    • Loss-of-function mutation of OsNTL3 confers heat sensitivity while inducible expression of the truncated form of OsNTL3 without the transmembrane domain increases heat tolerance in rice seedlings
    • In the current study, we discovered that OsNTL3 is required for heat stress tolerance in rice
    • Interestingly, OsNTL3 directly binds to OsbZIP74 promoter and regulates its expression in response to heat stress
    • In turn, up-regulation of OsNTL3 by heat stress is dependent on OsbZIP74
    • Thus, our work reveals the important role of OsNTL3 in thermotolerance, and a regulatory circuit mediated by OsbZIP74 and OsNTL3 in communications among ER, plasma membrane and nucleus under heat stress conditions
    • RNA-Seq analysis revealed that OsNTL3 regulates the expression of genes involved in ER protein folding and other processes
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