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    • qRT-PCR and mRNA in situ hybridization analysis revealed that OsNF-YC10 was highly expressed in endosperm and spikelet hull at late developmental stages
    • Cytological experiments revealed significantly reduced cell number of spikelet hull in osnf-yc10 lines compared with that in WT
    • Taken together, it is suggested that OsNF-YC10 regulates the grains size and shape by influencing the cell proliferation of spikelet hulls
    • These results indicated that OsNF-YC10 plays an important role in determining grain size and shape
    • OsNF-YC10 was further revealed to influence the expression of GW8 (a positive regulator of grain width), GW7 (a negative regulator of grain width) and cell cycle-regulated genes CYCD4, CYCA2
    • The results showed that OsNF-YC10 was a nuclear protein showing transcription activation activity
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