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    • The NF-YA transcription factor OsNF-YA7 confers drought stress tolerance of rice in an abscisic acid independent manner.
    • Expression of OsNF-YA7 was induced by drought stress and its overexpression in transgenic rice plants improved their drought tolerance
    • OsNF-YA4 expression was highly induced by the stress-related hormone abscisic acid (ABA), while OsNF-YA7 was not, indicating that OsNF-YA7 mediates drought tolerance in an ABA-independent manner
    • Analysis of the OsNF-YA7 promoter revealed three ABA-independent DRE/CTR elements and RNA-seq analysis identified 48 genes downstream of OsNFYA7 action putatively involved in the OsNF-YA7-mediated drought tolerance pathway
    • Taken together, our results suggest an important role for OsNF-YA7 in rice drought stress tolerance
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