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    • An antisense strategy was used to suppress the expression of the OsAPT2 homolog in Arabidopsis, and the obtained homozygous transgenic plants contained lower AMP content, displayed lower pollen germination rates and exhibited some abnormalities in leaf phenotypes and flowering timing
    • Since the panicle is likely the thermo-sensitive organ at the early stages of pollen fertility alternation, the observed heat-induced change in the OsAPT2 expression pattern in young panicles may mediate, at least in part, thermo-sensitive genic male sterility (TGMS) in ‘Annong S-1’
    • RT-PCR analysis indicated that the OsAPT2 transcript in the young panicles of ‘Annong S-1’ is down-regulated at 29 degrees C, the critical temperature for induction of ‘Annong S-1’ fertility conversion
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