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    • Overexpression of RCc3 improves root system architecture and enhances salt tolerance in rice.
    • In this study, we investigated the biological role of the rice root-specific gene RCc3 in improving root growth and responses to abiotic stress by overexpressing RCc3 in rice plants
    • RCc3 overexpression produced pleiotropic phenotypes of improved root system architecture, including increased growth of primary root, adventitious roots and lateral roots at the seedling stage
    • Further study indicated that auxin accumulation in the root was increased through auxin local biosynthesis and polar auxin transport in RCc3 overexpression lines
    • Under osmotic and heat stress conditions, the root and shoot growth were less severely inhibited in RCc3 overexpressing transgenic plants than that in wild-type plants, and the transcript levels of abiotic stress-related genes were significantly increased
    • Taken together, the data showed that RCc3 overexpression can improve rice root system, promote plant growth, and enhance plant tolerance to salt stress
    • Moreover, overexpression of RCc3 remarkably enhanced the tolerance to salt stress, with the elevated activities of antioxidant enzymes
    • RCc3 was induced by osmotic and heat stress
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