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    • In rice leaf samples, OsACR9 protein was abundant in the vascular parenchyma and mestome-sheath cells of young leaf blades at the early stage of development and in the vascular parenchyma and phloem-companion cells of mature leaf sheaths
    • OsACR9 protein also showed a high level of accumulation in vascular parenchyma cells of dorsal vascular bundles and aleurone cells in young rice grains at the early stage of ripening
    • In rice roots, OsACR9 protein was distributed in epidermis, exodermis, sclerenchyma and vascular parenchyma cells, and its accumulation markedly increased after supply of NH(+)(4)
    • In the current study, to evaluate the possible involvement of the protein OsACR9 in the Gln-sensing system related to nitrogen (N) metabolism in rice (Oryza sativa L
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