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    • OsERF115 acts as a transcriptional repressor to directly or indirectly modulate a set of grain-size genes during spikelet growth and endosperm development
    • Here, we report that the ethylene response factor OsERF115 functions as a key downstream regulator for ethylene-mediated grain development
    • In addition, the OsERF115 orthologues are identified only in grass species, implying a conserved and unique role in the grain development of cereal crops
    • Overexpression of OsERF115 significantly increases grain length, width, thickness and weight by promoting longitudinal elongation and transverse division of spikelet hull cells, as well as enhancing grain-filling activity, whereas its knockout mutations lead to the opposite effects, suggesting that OsERF115 positively regulates grain size and weight
    • Importantly, haplotype analysis reveals that the SNP variations in the EIN3-binding sites of OsERF115 promoter are significantly associated with the OsERF115 expression levels and grain weight, suggesting that natural variations in the OsERF115 promoter contribute to grain-size diversity
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