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    • The bHLH transcription factor regulated gene OsWIH2 is a positive regulator of drought tolerance in rice.
    • We further demonstrated that the drought-inducible bHLH transcription factor OsbHLH130 could activate the expression of OsWIH2
    • In this study, we characterized a novel drought tolerance induced WIH gene in rice, OsWIH2
    • Overexpression of OsWIH2 in rice resulted in significantly higher drought tolerance, probably due to the decreased water loss rate and reactive oxygen species (ROS) accumulation under drought stress
    • Overall, our results suggest that drought stress may induce OsbHLH130 accumulation, which in turn activates OsWIH2 expression, and the latter improves rice drought tolerance by participating in cuticular wax biosynthesis and reducing the water loss rate as well as ROS accumulation
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