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    • Overall, our data demonstrate the significant roles of RBP-P in glutelin and prolamine mRNA localization and in the regulation of genes important for plant growth and development through its RNA binding activity and cooperative regulation with interacting proteins
    • In addition, partial loss of RBP-P function conferred a broad phenotypic variation ranging from dwarfism, chlorophyll deficiency and sterility to late flowering and low spikelet fertility
    • Transcriptome analysis highlighted the essential role of RBP-P in regulating storage protein genes and several essential biological processes during grain development
    • RNA-binding protein RBP-P is required for glutelin and prolamine mRNA localization in rice endosperm cells.
    • Different mutant RBP-P proteins exhibited varying degrees of reduced RNA binding and/or protein-protein interaction properties, which may account for the mis-localization of storage protein RNAs
    • RNA-binding protein RBP-P binds to both glutelin and prolamine mRNAs, suggesting a role in some aspect of their RNA metabolism
    • Here, we show that rice lines expressing mutant RBP-P mis-localize both glutelin and prolamine mRNAs
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