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    • These data suggest that OsCLP, which has chitinase activity, may play an important role in plant defenses against pathogens
    • In addition, exogenous treatment with OsCLP affected the growth of the basidiomycete fungus Rhizoctonia solani through degradation of the hyphal cell wall
    • A T-DNA insertion mutant of OsCLP (osclp) showed significant retardation of root and shoot growth
    • A comparative proteomic analysis was carried out using root tissue of wild-type and the osclp mutant to understand the OsCLP-mediated rice growth retardation
    • Exogenous application of Ca(2+) resulted in successful recovery of both primary and lateral root growth in osclp
    • Moreover, overexpression of OsCLP resulted in improved growth with modified seed shape and starch structure; however, the overall yield remained unaffected
    • Taken together, our results highlight the involvement of OsCLP in rice growth by regulating the intracellular calcium concentrations
    • Results obtained revealed that proteins related to glycolysis (phosphoglycerate kinase), stress adaption (chaperonin) and calcium signaling (calreticulin and CDPK1) were differentially regulated in osclp roots
    • Fura-2 molecular probe staining, which is an intracellular calcium indicator, and ICP-MS analysis suggested that the intracellular calcium content was significantly lower in roots of osclp as compared to the wild-type
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