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    • Quantitative PCR analysis and OsBOR4 promoter-green fluorescent protein (GFP) fusion revealed that OsBOR4 was both highly and specifically expressed in pollen
    • The pollen grains were viable and development of floral organs was normal in the homozygous osbor4 mutants
    • Pollen from osbor4 homozygous plants elongated fewer tubes on wild-type stigmas, and tube elongation of mutant pollen was less efficient compared with the wild-type pollen, suggesting reduced competence of osbor4 mutant pollen
    • The reduced competence of mutant pollen was further supported by the crosses of independent Tos17-inserted alleles of OsBOR4
    • Our results suggest that OsBOR4, a boron efflux transporter, is required for normal pollen germination and/or tube elongation
    • Roles of pollen-specific boron efflux transporter, OsBOR4, in the rice fertilization process
    • OsBOR4 is an active efflux transporter of B
    • These results establish that OsBOR4 is essential for normal reproductive processes
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