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    • The present work indicated that FLO22 plays an important role in endosperm development and plant growth by participating in nad1 maturation and multi-site editing of mitochondrial mRNA
    • RNA-seq analysis showed that expression levels of many genes involved in starch and sucrose metabolism were significantly down-regulated in the flo22 mutant compared with the wild type, whereas genes related to oxidative phosphorylation and the tricarboxylic acid (TCA) cycle were significantly up-regulated
    • Map-based cloning and complementation tests demonstrated that FLO22 encodes a mitochondrion-localized P-type PPR protein
    • In addition to involving in splicing as a P-type PPR protein, we found that FLO22 interacted with DYW3, a DYW-type PPR protein, and they may function synergistically in mitochondrial RNA editing
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