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    • Symbol: miR167d
    • MSU: None
    • RAPdb: None
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  • Key message
    • These findings indicate that the appropriate expression of miR167d is crucial and the miR167d-ARFs module plays important roles in the regulation of flower opening and stigma size in rice
    • Blocking miR167d by target mimicry also led to a morphological alteration of the individual floral organs, including a reduction in stigma size and alteration of lodicule cell morphology, but did not show the cleistogamous phenotype
    • The overexpression of miR167d (OX167d) resulted in failed elongation of stamen filaments, increased stigma size, and morphological alteration of lodicule, resulting in cleistogamy
    • miR167d-ARFs Module Regulates Flower Opening and Stigma Size in Rice
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