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    • This was confirmed by OsINV2 promoter::GUS studies, where its spatial and temporal expression in the panicle elongation stages showed that although OsINV2 expression was observed from the stage with young panicles ~1 cm in length to the flag leaf stage, significant differences with respect to panicle and spikelet phenotypes between the wild-type and the mutant were not present
    • However, complement lines displaying an overexpression phenotype of OsINV2 possessed a higher stem non-structural carbohydrate content under both monoculm and normal tillering conditions
    • A trade-off between the spikelet number and grain weight in the complement lines grown under monoculm conditions was also observed, pointing towards the necessity of OsINV2 regulation for grain yield-related traits
    • In summary, we identified OsINV3 as a positive regulator of grain size in rice, and while OsINV2 has no function on grain size by itself
    • In the absence of OsINV3, it is possible to detect a role of OsINV2 in the regulation of grain size
    • Both OsINV3 and OsINV2 are involved in sucrose metabolism, and thus regulate grain size
    • Altered sugar content with increased sucrose and decreased hexose levels, as well as changes vacuolar invertase activities and starch constitution in INV3KO, INV2KO, INV3KOINV2KO mutants indicate that OsINV2 and OsINV3 affect sucrose metabolism in sink organs
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