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    • In the current study, we characterized a novel dense and erect panicle (EP) mutant, dep3, derived from the Oryza sativa ssp
    • The panicle of the dep3 mutant remained erect from flowering to full maturation, whereas the panicle of the wild type plant began to droop after flowering
    • Fine mapping and candidate gene analysis of dense and erect panicle 3, DEP3, which confers high grain yield in rice (Oryza sativa L.)
    • Anatomical observations revealed that the dep3 mutant had more small vascular bundles and a thicker culm than wild type plants, explaining the EP phenotype
    • Taken together, our results indicated that the patatin-like PLA2 might play a significant role in the formation of vascular bundles, and that the dep3 mutant may provide another EP resource for rice breeding programs
    • The dep3 mutation also regulated other panicle characteristics, including panicle length, grain shape and grain number per panicle
    • Overexpression of OrMKK3 influenced the expression levels of the grain size-related genes SMG1, GW8, GL3, GW2, and DEP3
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