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    • The qRT-PCR assay revealed a constitutive and variable spatiotemporal expression pattern of OsSAE1a in the vegetative and reproductive tissues and was comparable in the root and shoot grown under different Pi regimes
    • Knockdown of OsSAE1a affects the growth and development and phosphate homeostasis in rice
    • The effects of the mutation in OsSAE1a were also evident in the vegetative and reproductive traits of rice during growth in a hydroponic system and pot soil, respectively
    • Overall, these results suggest a broad-spectrum role of OsSAE1a in the maintenance of Pi homeostasis and regulating growth and development
    • RNAi-mediated suppression of OsSAE1a exerted variable effects on the concentrations of Pi and total P in different tissues, uptake and distribution of 32Pi, and relative expression levels of several genes that play pivotal roles in the maintenance of Pi homeostasis
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