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    • Nipponbare) gene, OsATX, a single copy gene, from the JA treated rice seedling leaves cDNA library
    • Additionally, co-application of either JA or ABA with SA drastically suppressed the induced OsATX mRNA level
    • OsATX was responsive to cutting (wounding by cutting the excised leaf), over its weak constitutive expression in the healthy leaves
    • The critical signalling molecules, jasmonic acid (JA), salicylic acid (SA), abscisic acid (ABA), and hydrogen peroxide, together with protein phosphatase inhibitors, effectively up-regulated the OsATX expression with time, over the excised leaf cut control, whereas ethylene had no affect
    • Finally, the blast pathogen, Magnaporthe grisea, triggered OsATX mRNA accumulation
    • These results strongly suggest a function/role(s) for OsATX in defense/stress responses in rice
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