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    • Role of rice cytosolic hexokinase OsHXK7 in sugar signaling and metabolism.
    • This result provides compelling evidence that OsHXK7 functions in sugar signaling via a glycolysis-dependent manner under normal conditions, but its signaling role is suppressed when O2 is deficient
    • This result suggests the distinct role that OsHXK7 plays in sugar metabolism and efficient germination by enforcing glycolysis-mediated fermentation in O2 -deficient rice
    • These results suggest that OsHXK7 binding to Glc leads to a conformational change, that is likely essential for the function of OsHXK7 in Glc signalling and metabolism during plant growth and development
    • Conformational Characteristics of Rice Hexokinase OsHXK7 as a Moonlighting Protein involved in Sugar Signalling and Metabolism.
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    • alphaAmy3~OsAmy3D~RAmy3D~OsRAM3D, OsHXK7, Role of rice cytosolic hexokinase OsHXK7 in sugar signaling and metabolism., According to transient expression assays that used the promoter:luciferase fusion construct, OsHXK7 enhanced the glucose (Glc)-dependent repression of a rice α-amylase gene (RAmy3D) in the mesophyll protoplasts of maize, but its catalytically inactive mutant alleles did not

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