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    • Tissue-specific gene expression analysis revealed that OsPM19L1 was highly expressed in the leaf sheath of rice
    • Interestingly, expression of OsPM19L1 was high at the early stage of panicle development and decreased thereafter
    • qRT-PCR analysis indicated that OsPM19L1 was dramatically induced by 20% PEG stress (>600-fold), exogenous abscisic acid (>350-fold), salt and cold stress
    • Thus, OsPM19L1 appears to be closely associated with stress tolerance through ABA-dependent pathway in rice
    • Characterization of OsPM19L1 encoding an AWPM-19-like family protein that is dramatically induced by osmotic stress in rice.
    • Moreover, under stress conditions, OsPM19L1 expression was enhanced in an ABI5-Like1 (ABL1) deficiency rice mutant, abl1, suggesting that ABL1 negatively regulates OsPM19L1 gene expression
    • Further investigation revealed that OsPM1 expression is regulated by the AREB/ABF family transcription factor OsbZIP46
    • Phenotypic analysis of overexpression, RNA interference (RNAi), and knock out (KO) lines showed that OsPM1 is involved in drought responses and seed germination regulation
    • The AWPM-19 Family Protein OsPM1 Mediates Abscisic Acid Influx and Drought Response in Rice.
    • Our results thus revealed that OsPM1 is an ABA influx carrier that plays an important role in drought responses
    • In this study, we found that rice (Oryza sativa) OsPM1 (PLASMA MEMBRANE PROTEIN 1), encoded by a gene of AWPM-19 like family, mediates ABA influx through the plasma membrane
    • 3H-()ABA transport activity and FRET (Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer) assays both demonstrated that OsPM1 facilitates ABA uptake into cells
    • Previous reports have demonstrated that overexpression of OsNAC45 enhances salt and drought tolerance in rice, and that OsNAC45 may regulate the expression of two specific genes, OsPM1 and OsLEA3-1
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