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    • The two genes were found to be relatively highly expressed in seedling roots and shoots and in leaf sheath in 15~30-day-old plants, which contained major immunoreactive proteins of approximately 90 kDa for OsBGal1 protein and 55 kDa for OsBGal2 in extracts of these tissues
    • The genes encoding two isoforms of β-galactosidase expressed in germinating rice and panicle, designated OsBGal1 and OsBGal2, were cloned and sequenced
    • The related OsBGal2 clone from panicle at flowering stage encodes 715 amino acid residues, including a signal peptide of 20 residues
    • Both were also expressed at low levels in flowers and immature seeds, but only the OsBGal2 transcript was found in mature seeds
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