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    • Expression of OsIAA23 is specific to the QC of the root tip during the development of primary, lateral and crown roots
    • Consistent with OsIAA23 expression in the QC, the auxin signaling marked by DR5p::GUS (ss-glucuronidase) was absent in the QC region of Osiaa23
    • These results indicate that the maintenance of the QC is dependent on OsIAA23-mediated auxin signaling in the QC
    • OsIAA23-mediated auxin signaling defines postembryonic maintenance of QC in rice
    • The mutant is characterized by a loss of QC identity during postembryonic development, and the displayed defects result from a stabilizing mutation in domain II of OsIAA23 (Os06g39590)
    • Transgenic rice plants harboring Osiaa23 under the control of the QHB promoter mimic partially the defects of Osiaa23
    • In rice, the gene OsIAA23 (Os06t0597000) is known to affect development of roots and shoots, but previous knockouts in OsIAA23 have been sterile and difficult for research continuously
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