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    • Ectopic expression of OsRRM in transgenic plants led to abnormalities, such as short stature, retarded growth and low fructification rates
    • The OsRRM promoter directed GUS expression specifically in rice endosperm, analogous to the GUS expression pattern observed in 107#
    • Western blot analysis confirmed that the OsRRM protein was specifically expressed in rice endosperm
    • Our data, in conjunction with the reported function of Spen genes, implicated OsRRM in the regulation of cell development in rice endosperm
    • OsRRM, a Spen-like rice gene expressed specifically in the endosperm
    • The OsRRM expression pattern partly resembles that of several sugar transporter and transcription factor genes that specifically affect sugar transporter gene expression
    • The messenger RNA levels of almost all of the sugar transporter genes are severely reduced in the osrrm mutant, and this alters sugar metabolism and sugar signaling, which further affects plant height, flowering time, seed size, and starch synthesis
    • We further showed that OsRRM binds directly to messenger RNAs encoded by sugar transporter genes and thus may stabilize their transcripts
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