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    • Subcellular localization of OsPLGG1-GFP fusion protein, along with its predicted N-terminal transmembrane domain, confirmed that OsPLGG1 is a chloroplast transmembrane protein
    • OsPLGG1 mutant lines, osplgg1-1, osplgg1-2, and osplgg1-3, showed a growth retardation phenotype, such as pale green leaf, reduced tiller number, and reduced seed grain weight as well as reduced photosynthetic carbon reduction rate due to low activities of photosystem I and II
    • The plant growth retardation in osplgg1 mutants was rescued under high CO2 condition
    • These results suggest that OsPLGG1 is the functional plastidic glycolate/glycerate transporter, which is necessary for photorespiration and growth in rice
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