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    • Knockout of OsHMA5 resulted in a decreased copper (Cu) concentration in the shoots but an increased Cu concentration in the roots at the vegetative stage
    • OsHMA5 was mainly expressed in the roots at the vegetative stage but also in nodes, peduncle, rachis, and husk at the reproductive stage
    • Analysis of the transgenic rice carrying the OsHMA5 promoter fused with green fluorescent protein revealed that it was localized at the root pericycle cells and xylem region of diffuse vascular bundles in node I, vascular tissues of peduncle, rachis, and husk
    • Taken together, OsHMA5 is involved in loading Cu to the xylem of the roots and other organs
    • A member of the heavy metal P-type ATPase OsHMA5 is involved in xylem loading of copper in rice
    • Expression of OsHMA5 in a Cu transport-defective mutant yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) strain restored the growth
    • Rice OsHMA5 is a Cu xylem-loading transporter involved in Cu translocation from roots to shoots, as suggested by the analysis of oshma5 mutant plants
    • Loss-of-function mutations in HMA5, COPT1, and COPT5 caused a significant reduction in copper accumulation and plant viral resistance because of the increased SPL9-mediated miR528 transcription.
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