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    • OsRAD21-3-deficient RNAi lines showed arrested pollen mitosis, aberrant pollen chromosome segregation and aborted pollen grains, which led to disrupted pollen viability
    • However, male meiosis in these RNAi lines did not appear to be severely disrupted, which suggests that the main involvement of OsRAD21-3 is in post-meiotic pollen development by affecting pollen mitosis
    • Furthermore, of the four OsRAD21 genes in the rice genome, only OsRAD21-3 was expressed in pollen grains
    • OsRAD21-3, an orthologue of yeast RAD21, is required for pollen development in Oryza sativa
    • OsRAD21-3 transcript and protein accumulated preferentially in flowers, with low levels in vegetative tissues
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