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    • Taken together, our findings show that OsERF83 is a novel ERF transcription factor that confers blast resistance by regulating the expression of defense-related genes in rice
    • The rice ethylene response factor OsERF83 positively regulates disease resistance to Magnaporthe oryzae.
    • Transgenic rice plants overexpressing OsERF83 exhibited significantly suppressed lesion formation after rice blast infection, indicating that OsERF83 positively regulates disease resistance in rice
    • OsERF83 expression was also induced by treatments with methyl jasmonate, ethephon, and salicylic acid, indicating that multiple phytohormones could be involved in the regulation of OsERF83 expression under biotic stress
    • Subcellular localization and transactivation analyses demonstrated that OsERF83 is a nucleus-localized transcriptional activator
    • OsERF83 is a transcription factor localized to the nucleus and induced in response to various abiotic stresses, such as drought and abscisic acid (ABA)
    • Overexpression of OsERF83 in transgenic plants (OsERF83OX) significantly increased drought tolerance, with higher photochemical efficiency in rice
    • Transcriptome analysis revealed that OsERF83 regulates drought response genes, which are related to the transporter (OsNPF8
    • Our results provide new insight into the multiple roles of OsERF83 in the cross-talk between abiotic and biotic stress signaling pathways
    • OsERF83 also up-regulates biotic stress-associated genes, including PATHOGENESIS-RELATED PROTEIN (PR), WALL-ASSOCIATED KINASE (WAK), CELLULOSE SYNTHASE-LIKE PROTEIN E1 (CslE1), and LYSM RECEPTOR-LIKE KINASE (RLK) genes
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