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    • Here we identify a rice gene, HIS1 (HPPD INHIBITOR SENSITIVE 1), that confers resistance to BBC and other 尾-triketone herbicides
    • Forced expression of HIS1 in Arabidopsis conferred resistance not only to BBC but also to four additional 尾-triketone herbicides
    • HIS1 may prove useful for breeding herbicide-resistant crops
    • Exploring Natural Allelic Variations of the β-Triketone Herbicide Resistance Gene HIS1 for Application in indica Rice and Particularly in Two-Line Hybrid Rice
    • Results: By analyzing haplotypes of the bTHs broad-spectrum resistance gene HIS1 and phenotypes for BBC in 493 major indica rice accessions in China, we identified a novel non-functional allelic variant of HIS1 in addition to the previously reported 28-bp deletion
    • Finally, allelic variations of the HIS1 gene may also play an important role in the mechanized seed production of hybrid rice
    • In addition, due to natural allelic variations of the HIS1 gene in the sterile and restorer lines, some two-line hybrid sterile lines were sensitive to bTHs, and the corresponding restorers were resistant
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